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We thoroughly recommend Waglands to other owners a wonderful friendly team who want to spend time with and caring for your pets. A++++. Katrina and Finn

Very happy to recommend Waglands friendly helpful service, I feel sure that my dog is happy and very well looked after. The improvements are great, I look forward to seeing what has been done each time. The improvements are also very pet-focussed. R Balfour

Dusty loves staying at Waglands, and I know this because he starting whining when we pull in the drive and can't wait to get out of the car! A different reaction to other kennels he's tried - thanks so much!

Milo loves coming to Waglands, he knows where we are headed as soon as we get to Hill Road. He is always well looked after, placed with dogs suited to his size and temperament. We always highly recommend Waglands to friends and family. Anonymous

There is nothing false about the passion and enthusiasm Ben and Arlene show towards all the visitors (Dogs/Pups and even the humans that drop their family member’s off). The facilities over the last 18 months have improved so much and are just outstanding. When Moose arrives gets out of the car and doesn’t look back. I picked him up just yesterday and he was the happiest dog, he had been bathed and dried and was running around with the beauty warm coat on….. this is not something you see often with Mastiffs. They are using products at the facility that I have shown interest in and Ben always makes the time to discuss them and his findings. This is going to make a better environment at home. It is nice to know that someone cares for your animals as much as you do and always looking at ways to improve their stay. I take my hat off to Ben and Arlene they have the patient of saints and a passion for dogs that is a rear find. Thanks – Moose – Cara and Rich..

Diego stayed at Waglands, he can be a fairly nervous dog but with time he comes around and is very playful. Ben spent time building Diego's trust and gave excellent feedback. I have no issues leaving Diego at Waglands and also now my parents leave their Dog Edward at Waglands when they go away and have been happy with the service as well. It's important to be happy and relaxed with where your dog stays and Waglands provides this reassurance.

When dropping and picking up my dog I’m always impressed at how much Ben genuinely cares for my dog, she even has a special nickname from Ben, "spook" K Herd

I love it when mum and dad let me come to the kennels for my holiday. I can't wait to get there and start singing on the road in. I race in to see Ben and greet my new doggie best friends. I play and play, keeping up the exercise and having such a good time. BEA

The first time we took Cleo to Waglands we were given a great tour and she was introduced to a lovely group of similar aged pups to play within an outside exercise pen. Cleo was so happy playing with her new friends I don't think she even noticed when I left. When I went to collect her she appeared to still be having a great time. Cleo's Mum

A kennel operation where I am looked after by people who know and understand me. Jeff the elderly border collie

We feel so guilt free leaving Rory with you - he has a better time on holiday than we do! - Richard & Rae

This was Edwards first time in kennels and also away from us, he enjoyed the interaction with other dogs and came home very happy (and slimmer with all the playing)

I love how my dog, is very happy to go to Waglands and be a dog. She is always happy when I drop her off. Shann

Lulu has always had a fantastic holiday up at Waglands and every holiday she has had new friends to play with. She loves seeing Ben when she arrives and forgets all about her general day to day life in the big city. She has a great time and is always refreshed when I go and pick her up. I have no worries when I am on holiday because I know she is well cared for and looked after at Waglands and she loves it. Toni Everett

Ben and the team at Waglands are fantastic! They love what they do and the dogs they care for just as you would. Bronco always enjoys going to stay at Waglands and comes home tired out from playing so much, but always comes home in good health both body and mind which is important to us. The facilities at Waglands are fantastic with the dogs able to have decent areas in which they can exercise, play and enjoy each other’s company. The Team at Waglands are always thinking of ways to improve their fine facility always with what is best for their guests in mind. Warrick, Dean & Bronco

Our 4 legged friends JB & Mac loved being cared for at Waglands and came home so happy and well cared for. Highly recommended. Adrienne & Russell

We were very anxious when trying to choose a holiday home for our girl after having a bad experience with a cattery so we went to our vet for advice. On his recommendation we checked her into Waglands and do not regret our decision. Thank you for looking after our shy, unspeyed adolescent puppy. We truly appreciate your efforts going above and beyond for a guest with special requirements. See you next time, JW & Xena

Excellent facilities and service from Ben and the team. I wouldn't be comfortable sending my dogs anywhere else now I have discovered Waglands! M Courtney

Our dogs are always happy when we leave and collect them, sometimes they don't want to leave. The improvements to Waglands just get better and better, they are always thinking of ways to make it better for the dogs. We wouldn't leave our dogs anywhere else. M & T Upex

Holiday time for Magoo again and he just loves staying at Waglands so much so that he doesn't want to come home, life with Ben and his doggie mates is great and Mum is happy that Magoo enjoys his stay so I don't need to worry. Regards from a grateful Mum Donna Prescott

Pedro loves coming to stay with you at Waglands. He loves the interaction with the other dogs and I am more than happy to leave him with you knowing he is safe and well cared for - it was also a lovely surprise last time we visited to see his photo on the wall! Belinda Hussey.

Waglands is the first placed we ever placed Trigger. It was important to have somewhere that felt comfortable for Trigger and us, happy people that knew what they were doing. Waglands had a great feeling as soon as contact was made with Ben & Arlene and when we arrived it was more than we could ask for Trigger. The nice big exercise areas, all the dogs looked extremely happy, the own areas for different types of dogs and different weather conditions was fantastic. Good feeling from the start! Will always come back when we go on Holiday as our boy always comes back happy and he is well taken care of! Thank you :)

Waglands is a great kennel, Ben always takes the time to get to know your dog and Billy our cocker spaniel loves him :) Highly recommended! Naomi

Ben and Arlene are such good friends for our two doggies. Gypsy and Daisy loved Ben to pieces and I know that Bozley will too. Ben and Arlene are the dog whisperers of the Wellington region!! Would highly recommend to anyone.

I love coming to stay at Waglands, it is fun to smell all the new smells and have new friends. Belle

Great peace of mind for me knowing Sambo is in safe hands and is going to have a ball. He always comes home happy and content! Donna and Sambo

I love having holidays away from Mum at Waglands with all of my dog mates, & Ben & Arlene. Mum was really happy to see that they care for me as much as she does & even pop a snuggly weather jacket on in winter if its windy & chilly so I can play around outside! Mojo & Mandi

When we go on holiday we know Boxy is safe and tucked in at Waglands. E. Yee

Still new to Waglands but our boys seem to have accepted their holiday arrangements and they smell delicious after their bath when we picked them up. Remy and Beau's parents!

When I pick my dogs up from a stay with you they are clearly happy, healthy and exhausted from all the play and fun they've had. That's a winner as far as I'm concerned! Many thanks, and see you again soon. Fran Hoover

Panda and Snowy came back to us relaxed and happy. They had clearly slept well and been happy during their stay at Waglands. This will become their holiday home every time we can't take them with us!

Our dog is always there, trying to please us. Makes us feel good to do the same in return when we go on holiday or away for a spell. DickJ

We would highly recommend Waglands. In the past we have had bad experiences putting Ruby into kennels. We particularly liked how they matched Ruby’s personality with another dog, and Max is a senior dog and now needs that extra care to be happy. I have no hesitation in leaving him in such a caring environment. Carol G

I am very happy to recommend Waglands to others. My dog is always well cared for and the owners are very friendly and helpful and will always accommodate any needs of my pet. I feel very confident leaving her at these kennels. Barbara and Poppy.

Wonderful facility, peace of mind knowing your dogs are being care for by people that love dogs! My dogs love their break away and come back in excellent health and spirit. Thanks Kirsty & Holly

Thanks for caring for our dog Maisy so well. She came back to us happy and well fed and I'm sure she missed her doggy companions and the lovely surroundings at Waglands. It's great to know that when we go away to enjoy ourselves, Maisy is having a lovely time too. Angela

Very good friendly services, good placement of dogs in outdoor play areas. John V

Ben and Arlene do a great job looking after our Beagles when we go away. They also offer great advice and support on a range of Doggie topics. Its always a pleasure doing business with them.

Our dog is very well cared for by Ben and his team. She is always very happy to arrive at Waglands. The improvements being made are fantastic too.

"Flossie was welcomed like a long lost relative - and farewelled in the same manor. It appears she charmed all at Waglands and was well cared for. Thanks heaps." Katrina & Flossie

"Ben made us feel as though he really cared about our dogs wellbeing and enjoyment. Ben and Arlene went out of their way to accommodate our 2 large dogs in one area even though the kennels were undergoing refurbishment at the time. On our recent visit it was great to see how Ben and Arlene enjoyed spending time with their canine guests and getting to know their personalities. The way the dogs were placed in the exercise pens meant they were able to interact with other dogs in a safe way. When collecting our 2 rather boisterous (naughty) dogs we were surprised to see them behaving like perfect gentlemen while with Ben– even when walking past pens containing other dogs. We have no hesitation in recommending Waglands to other dog owners - Ben and Arlene obviously have a great understanding of canine behaviour and give outstanding care and attention to the dogs in their charge." Andrea and Graham Smith

"Ben and Arlene provide a fantastic service at Waglands. Our dogs are always well cared for and come looking great and happy" Mike Byrne

"We can't recommend Waglands pet holiday home highly enough. We thought it was good before but now it's superb." Bailey says Woof woof wag wag. When can I come again! Brian and Lee Sheppard - dictated by Bailey.

"Our dog always has a great time when she stays with Ben and Arlene at Waglands. She is obviously just as well loved there as she is at home, she always comes back to us in excellent condition and very well mannered. I am more than happy to recommend Waglands to anyone else who needs lodging for their loved ones."

"Quality and friendly care for our Bella on her little holiday! Ben is so welcoming, calm, knowledgeable and sensitive to individual dogs needs. Thanks so much, you guys are certainly committed to providing quality service and it shows! Bella did not want to leave! See you next time!" Bella O'Brien and family

"This is the first time we have used a dog kennel boarding facility ( having been farming people before this) It took stress off us, so we could enjoy our holiday, knowing our dog was being well cared for in a friendly environment. We certainly will be using Waglands again."

"It was the first time we had been away for a long period of time from our puppy and we really missed him! Ben was really great at keeping us updated on how he was doing which made me feel a lot better! I will definitely be bringing Tank back next time we go away!!"

"I am thrilled with the service I have received so far, Ben has gone above and beyond to make sure I feel comfortable leaving my boy at Waglands, which gives me great faith that Jake will have a great time there!" Thanks Ginette & Jake

"Ben was fantastic. Extremely accommodating when I phoned up in panic requiring accommodation for Murphy."

"We have absolutely no worries leaving our two four-legged friends at Waglands when we go on holiday - they are extremely attentive to our four-legged friends needs and always seem extremely happy to be there! Wouldn't change a thing - keep up the fabulous work - Ollie & Shuki say can't wait to come back again soon :)" Natalie & Nigel Broomhall, Kelson.

"Nugget loved his time with you although he did try to do a Houdini and escape but this was impossible with the set up you have!!!"

"Bailey had a great holiday at Waglands, she has a lot of bounce in her but came home well exercised and clean." K Perkinson

"Yoshi & Chikito were so happy & relaxed when we picked them up, we will definitely be booking them in when we next go away."

"I felt really comfortable leaving my dogs with Waglands. I could see that these owners are truly dog lovers, and have a wealth of experience with dogs. The exercise pens were large enough, and exercise time sufficient for my high energy dogs."

"We felt very confident on our 1st visit that our Bichon/Maltese (Monty) would be well looked after, we weren't disappointed when we picked Monty up. Monty seemed quite content and relaxed we have since used Waglands again and would have no hesitation in recommending their services." Vic

"I love my Doggy Holiday Home" - Toby of Eastbourne "Waglands is a very clean, friendly, caring and fun place for our baby to go when we need a break or when my shift work is just too tricky to work out doggy day care. The staff are great and very helpful with last minute details. I would highly recommend them as a safe and happy place." Jenni "Very warm, friendly, professional couple, who made the whole boarding process that much easier, as this is our first dog (ever) and he was only 5 months old at the time. We will definitely bring Cody back in the future." "It was our first time using a boarding kennel and Waglands made the whole exercise from start to finish very easy! We felt our dog was very well cared for and found the service provided by Waglands to be very professional! We would not hesitate to leave our dog with the kennel again!" Angela.

"We have never experienced any problems, staff/owners attitude to small dogs is absolutely brilliant, all in all everything is super cool." Buttons Dad

"What a wonderful place!!! Dudley had a great time meeting all the other holiday makers and running with his new friends. Then he took a leisurely afternoon snooze before playing with them all over again. He enjoyed the meals and the people time (I think he felt rather spoilt). Wonderful to get him back home, a little tired but a very happy little man. Highly recommend from me and woof woof sniff sniff from him." Dudley and his mum

"I found Waglands on the internet while searching for a kennel the Friday before a long weekend... as luck would have it they had one large kennel left for my 7 yr old Labrador. This turned out to be a blessing as they run a fantastic kennel facility and now I use them regularly. Ben and Arlene clearly love the dogs and are friendly and accommodating with drop off and pick up times - and have a great sense of humour! Above all else, Bayly looks happy and relaxed when I collect her which is the best part! Thanks guys!" Mandy & Bayly

"We are very pleased to be able to leave Mollie & Max with Ben & Arlene when we need to as it is obvious that they genuinely care about the wellbeing of all of their "guests". Geoff & Pat

"Its a very happy place and our dog seems to love going there. Love the menu displayed in the entrance way." from anonymous

"It was so nice to go away and know our lovely companion was being cared for in a clean, friendly and welcoming environment. On our return we could see he had enjoyed his time at Waglands as he was tired from the obvious fun he had experienced with the other boarders. Well done!"

"Great to know that Java is so well looked after and gets individual attention. Feedback about her was helpful as well." Kate and Java

"Bella (German Shepherd) has always stayed at Waglands. Ben & Arlene have done a wonderful job since they took over and they clearly know what they are doing and treat each dog according to their needs. Bella loved her stay and we went away happy in the knowledge that she was receiving excellent care – in fact she came back in better condition than she went in (no doggy smell whatsoever)! We would recommend Waglands to anyone without hesitation!" Bella & Atkin Family

"I really appreciated being called by Ben to say he had a concern about Sunny. Ben discussed with me some possible solutions and I was impressed how he was particularly attentive to my requests with regards to Sunny's diet. I felt reassured and comfortable that not only would Sunny be well cared for, but also that she was being looked after as an individual and not as just 'another dog'."

"Our Dogs have been guests at Waglands Boarding kennels on numerous holidays and they have always had a good time and have come back to us fit, healthy and full of life. We have no hesitation in recommending Waglands Boarding Kennels as Wellington's No1 Dog Holiday venue!" Ian & Carol

"Friendly 'hosts' and a great overall environment. Would recommend to others in the area". S.Penny.

"Ben was fantastic both in his interaction with us as customers and his interaction and knowledge of our 4 legged child! He was quick to accurately judge temperament and social skills of our dog and allocate appropriate group playtime. Ben gave us a great overview on arrival of what to expect and a great debrief when we picked our dog back up. I'm happy to report that our dog was excited to see us again... but was a bit sad as we drove away from Waglands." T & P

"It was a relief to us to know that when we were away for 5 weeks Kurt was being well looked after. I really appreciated the regular emails about Kurt - it meant I could relax even more."

"Jess is always happy to go to the kennels - once we arrive she forgets about us and heads on in! As a regular visitor to Waglands I think this is a great testament to her experiences there." Hugh

"I would like to thank you Waglands for the first class accommodation they provide to Hemi our Jack Russell X. Being comfortable your favourite pet is being cared for by a knowledgeable team of experts is critical for a relaxing holiday. On more than one occasion we have returned to collect him questioning who enjoyed their time away more. Thanks for your top service." Gibbs Family, Lower Hutt

"We found Bosco loves going to Waglands. As soon as we come up the drive he is so keen to get out of the car and never looks back once through the gate. He is always so happy when we pick him up - you can tell he had a great stay and played with the other dogs a lot as he usually sleeps solidly after coming home. Ben has always been so helpful and put us at ease leaving our little dog in his care. The facilities are spacious and always clean. We would recommend Waglands to anyone."

"We will use Waglands again as Ben showed us around which was super, to know where our pet was to stay as she is part of our family"

Good morning Ben - Arlene This is me - photo taken by the "Big Fella". I am sitting waiting on the mat at the back door with my bag of bones all packed and ready for my next holiday at the doggy "Club Med" of Normandale. It might be a wee while but I am patient - in fact very patient in between sleeps. At the moment I am getting two walks a day and some days a swim in the creek outlet on the beach. I believe my friend "Charlie" from across the road is coming to visit you soon - he's a good mate and will settle in just fine. May the smiles be with you. Gunter (Dog Mayor of Eastbourne.) Our dog Gunter (spoodle) is now 14 years of age. We have been using Waglands for the past 11 years. The new owners are really professional with the way they looked after our elderly dog. They understood the needs of our dog. He was boarded there in January this year. Gunter was looked after very well - he came back home very happy and Waglands has got to be one of the best dog boarding establishments I have used over the past 20 years. You won't be disappointed - nor will your dog. Phil Benge Eastbourne