Waglands - Grooming


The Luscious Wash to welcome the family home looking, feeling and smelling delectable.

The De-shedding wash for moulting coats that need some really nice deep brushing and hair removal.

Maintenance Grooming of eyes, ears, nails and paws, and some trimming to get on top of the ‘sanitary areas'

Climate and Sanitary grooming to sport the comfortable Summer playtime feel and to make doggy hygiene needs easier for the family

Full groom with hand-scissoring and sculpting for that ultra-special look





... Style and Practicality...

Arlene's own little area of interest is her grooming service and is an award winning groomer, a member of the NZ Groom Team and the only International and NZ Certified Master Groomer in the Wellington Region. 

As a grooming day visit, or as part of a holiday with us, your favourite friend can go home proudly sporting the benefits of any of the full range of grooming services Arlene provides.

Grooming can be an aesthetic art, but is based on the practicality of adapting your dogs coat for maximum comfort, hygiene, and easy maintenance.

From trimming and clipping through to fine scissoring, Arlene has an eye for detail and pride in her work. If you have any specific needs or desires, please ask and we can give you an idea of how best we can meet your requirements.

Further photos can be found on our facebook page. Facebook before and after grooming photos