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Ben with his friends


Cynthia with Kora and Lita

Cynthia with Kora and Lita






































...Together we are really proud of the environment we have created at Waglands, and love seeing our new guests' confidence flourish as they explore and learn to thrive in their newfound playground...


1Ben and Arlene Adams

Since 2009, Ben and Arlene have made Waglands their absolute passion. Every aspect of this little holiday spot has been developed as a collaborative effort using every bit of their collective experience to make Waglands an outstanding and special social experience for furry friends.

Ben combines a warm heart with an academic head for his guests. With two degrees and a Masters from past lives spanning Engineering and Health Science, he has worked as an Engineer and Osteopath. This rare but useful combination is driven by a passion to continuously transform Waglands into a true experience for both two and four legged friends.

With fond experiences of the family dogs and every holiday spent on a family farm, Ben learned early on the exulted place of the dog in family, work and play.

Arlene grew up fully immersed in the family pet shop, competitive dog obedience and Siberian Husky and ‘SiBord' (Siberian Husky/Border Collie X) breeding activities, giving her a rich and in-depth experience of many facets of canine care and training.

Leaving a remarkable career in project management and business analysis to devote herself entirely to Waglands has brought her full circle back to the world of dogs.

Arlene’s evolving interest in grooming has seen the development of an outstanding professional grooming service at Waglands, from excellent washes, pet grooms right through to show dog grooms. She is the only NZ and Internationally Certified Master Groomer in the Wellington region, competes overseas in grooming competitions and is on the NZ grooming team. 



Cynthia (with her diverse furry family Kora and little Lita)

Cynthia came to Waglands following five years of working as a Porse in-home Childhood Educator, and has also worked with in-home pet feeding in Palmerston. Cynthia has also volunteered for the SPCA in Auckland.
Her extensive furry family includes Kora an ex-SPCA dog, Lita a long Hair Chihuahua, Tia a Jack Russell/ Border collie , Jasmine the puddy cat, and up to ten fostered kittens from the SPCA.
With an absolute love of pottering around outside in her garden with her two and four legged family, Waglands is a natural extension of Cynthia's life.

Cynthia has been part of the Waglands' team since November 2011.


Tinni (with her favourite little Buddy)

Tinni's passion for dogs started from the day she was born, growing up on a property in her native Sweden with many dogs of various breeds.
Waglands provided Tinni with her first opportunity to combine her love for dogs and work. In addition to her time at Waglands she is also a part-time administrator in Wellington.
Since moving to NZ in 1995 she has been heavily involved in community work.

Tinni has been part of the Waglands team since November 2011.



Sue (with her beach loving dogs, Gypsy and Kizzy)

Sue moved over from the UK in 2007. After many jobs including working in hotels and hospitality to working crowd management for events and concerts she joined Waglands.
She grew up in households that always had dogs and cats and enjoys nothing more than long bush walks or pottering in the garden.
Currently Sue shares her home with her husband and two teenage children ,two cats  an assortment of chickens and two dogs Gypsy  the heading dog and new member of the family Kizzi a 4 year old HUHA rescue. Working at Waglands is a natural step for Sue having been surrounded by animals since her childhood. 

Sue has been part of the Waglands’ team since September 2012.



Joel has had pets all his life, and has a gentle, respectful manner towards all animals. With a National Certificate in Animal Care, he is also planning to continue studying into Veterinary Nursing. As part of his certificate in animal care he worked at the SPCA. His dog Luck is a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier X.

Joel has been part of the Waglands team since September 2012.


Rachel (with her doggy family Rizzo, Ruby and Scruffy)

Rachel was born and bred in Upper Hutt and came to us after 9 yrs working with the elderly. She has from a very young age always loved animals, and growing up her family always had dogs.  She has three dogs herself, Rizzo the chihuahua, Ruby the pug, and Scruff the poodle.  Not to mention a cat, a horse, two aviaries full of birds and three teenage children. She loves to garden and currently has over 30 different roses. 

Rachel has been part of the Waglands’ team since June 2015.



Alex (with her sweet little Nugget)

Alex was fully involved with her family training guide dogs as a child. With a love of nature and the outdoors, she actively applied her tertiary training in Zoology and Zoo Keeping to the benefit of the SPCA and boarding kennels in Auckland, where she met her gorgeous little dog Nugget.
For Alex, volunteering at animal shelters over her European OE was a highlight.

Alex joined the Waglands team in February 2017.



Angela (with her calm and placid Andraste)

Angela is currently studying Vet Nursing at Weltec, and commits her weekends to either studying or helping us at Waglands with our guests.
She has a particular love for Greyhounds, and prior to taking on her formidable work and study commitments, she was the Wellington Area Co-ordinator for GAP (Greyhounds As Pets).
Angela loves seeing our regular greyhounds coming on their holidays, and is always taking a particular note of them and their particular needs.

Angela joined the Waglands team in December 2016.



Cheryl came to Waglands straight from the North-West of England, bringing a great background of skills from working in a large pet shop chain, providing care for vulnerable adults with various mental and physical disabilities, and owning her own barber shop for 15years.
With a deep affinity for animals right from a young age, Cheryl has a particular interest in Waglands guests with more nervous temperaments who need particular personal attention and cuddles.
In Waglands she has found a perfect amalgamation of all of her skills and passion, and applies her barber skills now to working alongside Arlene with the beautification of our furry guests.

Cheryl joined the Waglands team in March 2017..



From an early age, Lumas made himself quite at home at Waglands. His generous and outgoing nature is shared between the office and grooming room, where he fulfils his important role of meeting and greeting both two and four legged arrivals with remarkably casual ease. With grooming truly in his bloodlines, he has a strong career ahead of him in challenging Arlene's grooming skills and techniques to their limits and beyond, presenting her work to expert judges for critique and ongoing improvement.
Despite all of this busy activity, Lumas still finds time to update his Facebook page, and can virtually be befriended as "Lumas Waglands".